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Income vs. Growth Potential

Asset management requires focus. It works best when investors have a clear investment objective. For many years, investors became accustomed to extended periods of stock market gain that generated enough capital appreciation from which they could live. However, for the last decade or more, many markets have proven unreliable in providing the consistent, long-term capital gains required to cover spending needs. Buying and holding investments in the hope that prices will eventually go up may no longer satisfy the lifestyle requirements of many investors.

Therefore, we ask those investors who are concerned about the future of financial markets to consider a different approach. What if your investments were able to generate enough income to meet your expenses even in a flat market? If you could secure a dependable foundation of investment income, would any additional growth in asset values be a bonus?

At Accrue Wealth Designs, we discuss your income needs and put together a plan for the coming years — an income plan that you can use to monitor your financial well-being. Then, our investments are carefully selected with your income goals in mind. This isn’t a short-term attempt to maximize returns with little attention to risk.

This is a focus on producing regular income to meet your living requirements while seeking to protect capital in volatile markets.

This is an alternative approach to asset managers who feel they can always beat the stock market. Always trying to beat the stock market can add significant risk and isn’t very useful when the market produces a negative return, as in 2008.

In our experience, planning for income is much more reliable than relying on market values consistently going up.

Achieving an income level that meets your goals can therefore free you from the constant worry that comes with the need for prices to go up in order to maintain your lifestyle objective.


Today’s markets offer a wide range of income opportunities. At Accrue Wealth Designs, our goal is to construct portfolios that benefit from diversified income streams. Diversification across non-correlated asset classes may increase yields and reduce your exposure to significant losses.


When you make income your primary investment objective, a number of things can change.

Price gyrations may be less of a concern to you as an income investor because you no longer need to rely on prices going up to fund your lifestyle. When markets become volatile, the most important concern becomes: “Will the company behind the investment still be paying income in five years’ time?” instead of “My principal has fallen and I need to sell into a down market.” Income often provides the conservative investor with a comfort factor in difficult markets.

If Accrue Wealth Designs can manage a portfolio that produces a desired income level, chasing capital gains by taking on more risk may become unnecessary. In challenging markets, we may even reduce income levels temporarily in an attempt to reduce risk and preserve principal.

At some stage in life, you may need your investments to provide income that covers your living expenses.

When this time comes, is it wise to continuing focusing on investment growth? When income is something you rely upon, consistent investment yield with an element of capital preservation may be more appropriate. 


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